I am an amateur photographer.

Whilst I enjoy taking photos, have a reasonable idea of how to use my camera and usually get favourable results with it - there's still plenty for me to learn.

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History and Kit
I started as a child taking snaps on film, firstly on 126 and later 35mm - inheriting my first film SLR just as digital photography began to take off. Careful research led me to my first compact digital - the excellent Canon A70 for which I had add on telephoto and wide convertor lenses. I wore out three A70s through thorough use!

To be using a proper digital SLR camera was always an ambition (what would now be called a bucket list tick); a step on that road came with a secondhand Canon 400D and borrowed EF-S 55-250mm lens. Frustrated by the 400D's poor low light capability (and rapidly reaching its limits) a good camera and lens were finally purchased in 2019 - yes still a Canon (I'm familiar with them and it's too late to change now). I'm sure my collection of lenses and other kit will continue to grow...

My Photographic Services
I am possibly willing to take photos for you, if I feel I have the kit etc needed - but even as an amateur there are costs to be covered if I would not otherwise be attending the location. If you wish to engage my services please
get in contact.

Scope of Use
If the photos are from an event where you were a participant (or a family member/friend of the participant), or you are from the organising club, or non-commercial governing body for that sport - feel free to download them, save them, print them out, use them on your club or personal website, post them to your personal facebook page, use them to promote your sport or event etc.

If you are from a commercial organisation (newspaper, magazine, website etc - i.e. for any use where you are making a profit) you will need to obtain specific permission from me to use a photo or set of photos. Depending upon your organisation and the scope, there may be a cost associated.

No photo offered here may be used to negatively promote any event, person, sport, activity or organisation.

Listed below are online galleries of photos that I have taken, most recent first. Most are hosted externally to this site.

Online galleries do not necessarily contain the best quality copy available of each photo - contact me if there is a specific photo you are interested in.

Burton Club Champs Day 2 - Burton Athletics Club's annual championship. 15th October 2020.
Burton Club Champs Day 1 - Burton Athletics Club's annual championship. 12th October 2020.
Rosliston Leap Day Parkrun 29th February 2020 Special Leap Day event with Frogs, Greenery and Leaping!
National Cross Country Wollaton
Mudbath! Features mainly athletes from Burton Athletics Club. 22nd February 2020.
Markeaton Parkrun 15th February 2020
With the Rosliston event cancelled due to Storm Denis, volunteer photography from a bit of Parkrun tourism.
Rosliston Parkrun 25th January 2020
From my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer
Clee Hills Trial 2020
Some of the competitors from this standard car trial organised by MAC (Midland Automobile Club), caught while on recovery marshal duty. 19th January 2020.
Notts AC Hammer Squad Training
From a training session at Nottingham Athletics Club, 4th January 2020.
Rosliston New Years Day Parkrun 1st January 2020 An extra New Years Day event with record attendance, thanks to a "double" with the Conkers Parkrun. The largest gallery so far, hopefully I captured everyone!
Richard Williams 40th
Birthday celebrations for my good friend Richard - what better than friends and board games? December 2019.
Family Christmas 2019
Christmas with my family - and the first chance to try out a new lens
Rosliston Xmas Parkrun 21st December 2019
From my local Parkrun - the Christmas event complete with brand new shelter, a visit from the Rolls Royce brass band and Santa himself courtesy of Swadlincote Round Table
Rosliston Parkrun 19th October 2019
From my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer
Rosliston Parkrun 5th October 2019
From my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer
LRM Driving Day @ Billing Offroad Experience
I marshal at the Billing Offroad Experience. Taken at the Land Rover Monthly magazine driving days, 28th & 29th September 2019.
Rosliston Parkrun 21st September 2019
From my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer
Carl & Laura's Wedding
The marriage of my brother Carl Marchant to Laura Regan, 15th June 2019
Rosliston Parkrun 25th May 2019
From my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer
Rosliston Parkrun 20th April 2019
Attending to take photos of my better half led to a growing relationship with my local Parkrun as volunteer photographer. This is where it all started!
Burton Club Champs
Burton Athletic Club's 2019 Club Championships - held on a very wet April evening! 4th April 2019.
Spring Shakedown 4 - Denmark
ILRO (International Land Rover Owners) Facebook group 4th annual "Spring Shakedown" meetup - Denmark, May 2018
Bloodhound is GO Newquay
The first public runs of the Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record car, at Newquay Aerohub. From the Gold 1k Club Members and VIP day, 26th October 2017.
Spring Shakedown 3 - Sweden
ILRO (International Land Rover Owners) Facebook group 3rd annual "Spring Shakedown" meetup - Sweden, May 2017
Mac 4x4 2011
Macmillan 4x4 Challenge 2011 - competing with my friend Bryan Moss - this one went to Ireland. March 2011.

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