Wickmesh is my online identity; I am also known as Andrew Marchant.

If you haven't guessed, this is my website. I've been wickmesh at least since April 1997 - there was a time that if you Googled wickmesh you would have found only me, but multiple pretenders to the crown have sprung up since then. I should have trademarked it...

Wickmesh is the first computer I ever bought.

I needed a computer for University. After a lot of studying computer magazines, in January 1996 I chose a Mesh Prestige Pro Media. This was a big mistake - if you've got time to kill, you can read the full story.

Over time wickmesh went from a 486 to a K6/200. Being an AT case it became hard to upgrade, and even made it onto ebay at one point. But somehow I could never part with wickmesh, and to make it useful again I modded the case to take ATX motherboards. It's since been an Athlon XP based media player, sitting under the TV - then a backup server - and by now it's now probably something else again!

Let's take a look at the meaning of the word.

mesh - (noun) space between threads in net or a sieve or wire screen etc.,
a sheet of metal or plastic with a regular pattern of punched holes.
- (intransitive verb) (of a toothed wheel) engage with one another.
- (noun) a personal computer purchased from Mesh Computers plc.

wick - (noun) length of thread in a candle or lamp etc., by which the flame
is kept supplied with melted grease or fuel.
- (adjective) of dramatically lower quality than its price, marketing or
image suggests; not fit for purpose, rubbish, a rip-off. a bit wick
(colloquial) e.g. "The designer trainers were a bit wick; they hurt the
buyer's feet and quickly fell apart." Derived from wicked.

Put simply, my "Mesh" computer rapidly became "Wick" due to its lack of reliability and the rubbish service I received from Mesh Computers plc. For the gory details, you can read the full story here.

I became wickmesh because I needed a username for the new webmail thing that appeared while I was at university. It was all I could think of at the time, and it kinda stuck...

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