Strange Rover

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My ultimate Land Rover? - the Strange Rover
It's not actually made at Solihull, and never will be, but it's built with parts from Land Rover's most profitable models - the Range Rover Classic, and Discovery. I know about them from two articles in Land Rover Owner Magazine, the first of which calls it a Strange Rover (Dec 1993), and the second a ReDiscovery (May 1998). I have reproduced the articles as webpages, as similar as possible to the original articles (even including the errors!). 16.7 million colours and a maximised browser are recommended.
Strange Rover -
"Neither one nor the other"

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ReDiscovery - "Schizo-Rover"
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Personally I prefer the Strange Rover; to me it looks better. I think this is because it uses Range Rover doors and wheels, whereas the ReDiscovery has Discovery doors, front bumper/valance and different wheels. Maybe I prefer red as well! Someday (when I've won the lottery etc etc) I'd like to have a go at building my own. The engine would naturally have to be a V8, so that means either the GM 6.5 diesel or one of the Rover units. However, with the New Discovery being so good, it'd be difficult to justify... I suppose I'd have to have both!

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