Peugeot 205 1.6 auto

PLEASE NOTE - This page is an archive. The car was given away in 2009, please don't waste your time emailing me about it now!
This is the Peugeot 205 I have offered onto Freecycle. It's not perfect but it seems too good to scrap, however the MOT has expired and it has no tax (it is declared SORN). It starts and runs, I drove the car for more than a year and a half.

The taker will be required to legibly fill out the V5 before taking the car away (sorry, me writing to the DVLA to say it has been scrapped is not acceptable) - I will send off the V5 and the taker will be given the new keepers section. Please note the petrol light is on and if you choose to drive it away then you are advised to bring a jerrycan with you.

If you are interested, please reply to my Freecycle message.

UPDATE - on advice from a couple of other Freecyclers, I would like to see a driving licence and proof of current address (e.g. recent utility bill) that matches the name and address the taker writes on the V5 (it can be the same surname if it's for a son/daughter at the same address, so the son/daughter can register it in their name). If you are genuine about taking this car to use it you will have no problem with this, if not then please do not waste your and my time.

It's a 1.6 petrol automatic (1580cc) with 66k miles, and it is in Loose, south Maidstone, Kent (ME15). If I had not been given another car I would have put this through the MOT (and done any necessary work myself). It seems a shame to scrap it as it runs OK and could still be useful to someone.

Bought from a family friend, was the mothers car - it came with MOT and tax. Has needed very little work in my ownership (1.5 yrs), I have serviced it recently, and earlier in the year I repaired the starter motor (it required new brushes). I have two MOT certificates, the V5 (in my name), and a handful of tax discs for the car. The service book is stamped by the dealer who sold the car (Cliffords of Sidcup) at 1k, 9k and 18k.

Good points

  • Recent Service (approx 64k) (engine oil, engine oil filter, air filter) (work performed by myself - I'm an engineer by trade)
  • (Almost) Everything works - good runner - engine seems sound, gearbox changes as it should
  • Reliable - the only problem has been startermotor (I replaced the brushes and skimmed the comm on a lathe at work)
  • Sunroof doesn't appear to leak (!)
  • Original stereo complete with code
  • Original unmolested interior
  • 2 previous owners before myself
  • Good rear tyres

Bad Points

  • Bodywork tatty - significant dent to tailgate, rear towing eye bent, smaller dents in pass side rear and front wings
  • MOT expired 15/10/08 - advisories from last time included both front suspension bushes (the normal ones through the anti-roll bar - my old diesel 205 went the same way) and rear brake pipes
  • Diagnostic light on - has always been like this, passed last years MOT in this condition, and light goes out when vehicle driven harder (e.g. on motorway)
  • Spare wheel missing
  • One heater control knob broken (fan speed and temp use the same size knob, so I've been swapping the knob across when I've needed to change something!)
  • Front tyres are legal but will require replacement soon
  • Interior light doesn't work when drivers door opened (door switch stuck)
  • Some slight stiching coming apart on drivers seat (not serious)
  • Needs a wash and valet!
  • Has probably been in a front-end impact at some point - has had new radiator, slam panel
  • Front number plate cracked
  • Do not know when cam belt last done - is probably due therefore
  • Exhaust blowing a little (rear box) - I welded this up when I bought the car, could probably be welded again
  • Boot gas struts a bit weak (boot holds itself up OK but is heavy to open)
  • Rear wash not working (this is basically the only thing I know that doesn't work)
  • Probably needs new wiper blades soon

Any questions, please give drop me a line.

66k miles - believed genuine.

(Please note the photos were taken while it was still taxed!)

Andrew Marchant

PLEASE NOTE - This page is an archive. The car was given away in 2009, please don't waste your time emailing me about it now!

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